The flame monument rises,

                              A memorial obelisk stands...


On the third anniversary of the assassination of Late PM Rafik Hariri, Beirut witnessed the inauguration of three monumental bronze masterpieces, designed and realized by The Lebanese sculptor Anachar Basbous. The flame monument rises to 5 meters high and boasts 5 Lebanese flags, representing the 5 Lebanese districts.

Every day at 12:55 p.m. - the time of Late PM Hariri’s assassination - blazing flames emerge from its core and the sounds of church bells and Islamic call to prayer are emitted and heard at the same time.

A memorial obelisk stands 10.52 meters high, thus symbolizing the surface of Lebanon. Its metal is carved with Arabic calligraphy, inscribing some of the great martyr’s sayings and achievements as well as parts of the Lebanese national anthem.

A bronze statue of the late premier rising to 3.25 meters high, was sculpted in a way to look as if PM Hariri is taking a walk in his garden at home in Qoreitem, and looking towards the sea. These realizations constitute, in their sculptural and architectural concepts, a colossal success on the artistic, cultural and national levels.